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We now offer compost topdressing. Best to do when aerating and seeding the lawn. Compost adds all the micro-nutrients the lawn needs to help promote new seed growth. From helping correct the PH balance to making the soil rich. Compost is the way to go when you are trying to turn the lawn into the best looking lawn on your block.

A lot of people don't know that moles are active all year round and can be a nuisance to your lawn if not stopped in time. During the colder and warmest months you may not see active mole mounds, but that does not mean they are not actively looking for food.

The mounds Moles and Voles can make will destroy your turf resulting in bare spots for weeds to invade and create havoc to your beautiful lawn. Call us today as we have preventive programs designed to take care of those pesky animals.

While mowing, cutting, fertilizing and watering your lawn is essential for a healthy lawn, aeration is too. It may not be the most important part of the regular lawn care routine, but aeration is one of the most important things your lawn needs to promote a healthy thick turf. It allows the turf to absorb nutrients that are vital for a healthy yard. Having a thick lawn can help provide protection from weeds and the summer heat.

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