This application is designed to really sprout up the greens of your lawn and also provide season long protection against crabgrass. Applying broadleaf weed control during this time is important to gain control of the weeds in your lawn.

For this time of the year, we apply a generous amount of nitrogen to wake up the turf from being dormant all winter. This application also includes a pre-emergent to control crabgrass. We also apply broad leaf weed control to take care of those pesky early spring weeds. 

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How Your Lawn Care Program Works

During this application we not only provide a healthy amount of food for the lawn but we also add quite a bit of potassium which helps the lawn retain moisture going into the summer months. Again, we will also treat for weeds and any nuts edge or water grass coming up in the lawn.

This time of the year is important to feed the lawn with a generous amount of nitrogen especially if you are aerating and over-seeding with us. We will make sure to provide the right kind of fertilizer and take care of revitalizing your lawn with only the best products to make your lawn thick and healthy. We will spray to get rid of weeds during this application unless there is going to be seeding in the immediate future. 

Round 5 Summer Restoration

With our hot summers and little or sometimes no rain at all, this application of organic fertilizer is important. As your lawn gets fed with nutrients, the organic fertilizer doesn't add any additional stress to the lawn that the heat already provides and again treat for weeds. 

Round 1 Spring Wakeup

Free Nutsedge / Watergrass treatments as necessary.

Free Fungicide treaments as necessary to control fungus.

Our goal here at Your Time Lawn Care is to rid your lawn of weeds and give it a  beautiful lush green lawn that only professional products can provide. Take a look at our program below and request a quote. We also have an all Organic program as well. All of our products we use are pet and kid friendly and within the guidelines of the Department of Agriculture.

Free Service Calls in between applications as part of our guarantee!

Round 2 Spring Guard

The last application of the year consist of feeding of fertilizer which are high in nitrogen and potassium to promote the storage of food and moisture so your lawn will be eager to grow at the jump of warm weather the following season.

Round 6 Root Revitalizer

Round 7 Winterizer

Round 4 Summer Blend

Garden Pest Control

Round 3 Turf Booster

By the end of summer our Summer Restoration application will rejuvenate your turf with the proper amount of food to bring the lawn back to life after the summer heat. We once again will treat those pesky summer weeds.